ian weldon


Ian is a fantastically skilled documentary photographer. Instead of society’s underbelly or social injustice, Ian chose to focus that skill on weddings, occasions full of people and character, laughter, happiness and sadness and dancing and drinking, and love. Ian’s work reminds us of everything we’re lucky enough to be let in to.

Ian’s “I Am Not A Wedding Photographer” exhibition is currently on display in the Martin Parr Foundation, making him the first photographer to exhibit wedding photography in an art context in the UK. Featured in The Guardian, The Observer, Creative Review Ian is shining a light on wedding photography and how it’s so much more than the public’s traditional perception of it.

For Ian there is no rulebook, no shot list, no preconceived idea of what the photographs will look like, just the freedom to embrace the chaos of everything that happens at a wedding and make great photographs.

Ian is unbiased in the photos he takes at weddings. “A sort of photographic democracy where one photograph is no more important than any other. Where all things are equal, people the same as objects. 

Emotion and gesture and dancing and wine and door knobs and fancy lights and funny faces and shoes will all be treated the same.

A former photography lecturer with a deep passion for photography’s history and legacy, Ian also champions other photographers through his Outerfocus podcast, a fortnightly photography podcast that explores the ideas of photography.

Ian’s broad knowledge and deep love for photography is sure to inspire. The freedom with which he approaches weddings pushes the boundaries and limits of possibilities for us all.

His talk at Doc Day will make you rethink your outlook on your photography.